Dahr Jamail, Derek O’Brien, Freddy Fletcher, Steve Bailey, Joe Jamail, Larry Fulcher, Bobbie Nelson & Willie Nelson

Titty Bingo is a Texas based garage band started by Fred Fletcher and Dahr Jamail in 1988 in Austin on Lake Travis.

Derek O’Brien joined in 1989 and Steve Bailey joined on bass in 1993.  Their music is a blues based rock, country and acoustic mixture of songs.  The band has had many influences, but Willie Nelson has been a major figure and teacher for many years.  Fred is Willie’s nephew and worked for him throughout the 70’s.  The band rarely plays live gigs.  The first was the 1994 Farm Aid and at the Superdome in New Orleans.   Through the years, Larry Fulcher has played bass and keyboard.  Joe Jamail joined in 2016.  He plays mostly acoustic and bass guitar.  For the past 2 years they have worked at Arlyn Studios in Austin, Texas to build a library of songs to be released throughout the next two years.  Bobby Nelson has played B3 with them since 1994 at most of their live shows, at Willie’s Picnic or Farm Aid. Willie joins the band live and in the studio when he feels like it.

Other shows have been Chaos at South Padre Island, Texas on occasion and spontaneous gigs at Antone’s Blues Club in Austin, where they lose their minds and decide to break the rule of not working.